Authentic mama by Olunosen Louis Ibhaze

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What an intriguing story. Extremely captivating. I couldn’t get enough of Iye Baby and her realities in Nimbe town/village… still can’t😂😂😂.

The life, struggles and eventual conviction of an “area mama” is bound to keep you glued till the end… When a book has names such as :- Baby, Sweet banana (with his pet, Sweet), Fine girl, Destiny, Aunty Blackie aka BBC, Okwy london, Octavius & Action and business names as “Mother is good”, “Don’t mind your wife”, “Make me shine photos”, “Obey God bakery”, etc, you’d better know the story line will be more than funny and interesting.

Good read… good laugh too. Glad i listened to the reviews and bought the book…😆

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An Interview with Onolunosen Louisa Ibhaze – Author, Authentic Mama


1) Kawe Africa: Can you tell us more about yourself?

Louisa: My full name is Onolunosen Louisa Ibhaze. I have a BSc In Sociology & Anthropology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, an MSc in Medical Sociology from Royal Holloway University of London and a second MSc in Globalisation and Development from The Institute of Commonwealth Studies, London. I was born in Kaduna and spent part of my growing years in Zaria, Benin and many other places. My family is very close and as a child I wanted to be many things when I grew up, first a Doctor, then a Lawyer, later an Astronaut and many other things. I love to read , colour my hair, take photographs and I like to refer to myself as a “ Simple Esan Girl”. I have a facebook author page, my twitter handle is @MsPurpleMango, my Instagram handle is @LadyLouisanne and my…

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Author Of The Month: Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze


Louisa was born and raised in Nigeria. She holds a BSc in Sociology and Anthropology from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State. She has an MSc in Medical Sociology from Royal Holloway University of London and another MSc in Globalization and Development from The Insitute of Commonwealth Studies, London.

She is also the author of Purple Mangoes, a collection of 10 short stories that explore womanhood in West Africa – Get your copy ofPURPLE MANGOES HEREand TRULY DEEPLY, published in May 2005.

Her writing is influenced by her spirituality, women’s experiences and her passion for her local cultures and tradition.

Some of her earlier publications have appeared on the World Pulse Project, Naija Stories and the Voices Project.

She enjoys travelling and photography.

She blogs at;

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Purple Mangoes by Louisa Ibhaze: An anthology with plenty to say about the modern African Woman

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Purple Mangoes

Purple Mangoes is a collection of 10 stories that explore womanhood in West Africa. The voices vary from story to story, each one sharp, distinct and revealing of another facet of the female experience in African society.

The first time I read the collection I ached with the bleakness of it all. I lamented the short-sightedness of the women who crowded around a newborn in Baby Girl and discussed her like a commodity at the market.

 “You know a good daughter will fetch a good bride price for her father, especially if she is hard working and beautiful.”

I fumed on behalf of the adolescent in The Child Widow who is married off to an elderly man then accused of murdering him when he dies.

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December Read: Authentic Mama By Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze


Happy December Dear Kawe People!!!

We are so excited to announce our BOOK OF THE MONTH!

AUTHENTIC MAMA by OLUNOSEN LOUISA IBHAZE. OnInstagram as@ladylouisanne

About this Book:

Paulina Omoregbe aka Iye Baby rules the night life of Nimbe town from her beer parlour with her magic touch and society connections. In spite of the constant dramas from fighting wives and jealous friends, she has succeeded in creating a good life for herself as a socialite and the President of the Imose Sisters Association of Accomplished and Distinguished Ladies. Her life is however thrown into commotion when a business deal goes bad, ushering her on to a downward spiral of confusion, disappointment and disaster. Can she overcome these challenges as she once did and create a new and better life for herself? This is a hilarious satire chronicling the lives of local mistresses and their hustle. This book will…

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Kawe Book Club Meeting (November): The Chibok Girls


Hey Kawe Fam!

Hope you had an amazing (Long) weekend? Over the weekend, we gathered to discuss our book for last month, THE CHIBOK GIRLS by HELON HABILA! It was such an amazing time as we discussed lots of issues.

Photocredit: @themuseonwolfstreet – INSTAGRAM

Side Note: MAMA NIKE OKUNDAYE of NIKE ART GALLERY keeps doing wonders with art. We love how creatives transfer societal happenings into beautiful works of art – ranging from poetry to documentaries to bead works etc.
Sight THE CHIBOK GIRLS pallete she is working on!
As you can see in the pictures below, we are already geared up and ready to begin our book for the month of DECEMBER!!!

AUTHENTIC MAMA!!! The name is already dragging us in!

Some of Us!

If you are in Lagos, Nigeria, feel free to join us. We meet every First Sundays of the month at Bogobiri, Ikoyi, Lagos Island, Nigeria.

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Purple Mangoes

Purple Mangoes is aunnamed (1) collection of short stories about African women…

“If it has not happened to you, it has happened to someone you know, or someone you know, knows someone it has happened to or you have heard stories about it !”                   –      Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze

The last 20 years has been filled with talks and campaigns for the promotion of new attitudes and values towards African women. Despite our new found voices, these gendered practices as a result of patriarchal tradition still remain the norm in many societies and the work place. Many African women and girls today still continue to experience discriminatory practices as a result of cultural and religious beliefs which act as limiting factors towards realizing their full potential. This has fueled the trending gender equality debate towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals on gender equality.

Purple Mangoes is a collection of 10 relatable short stories focused on Nigerian women and girls recounting some of these gendered practices as a subtle reminder  of the importance of new attitudes and change . It focuses on the joys , pains and mysteries of womanhood in Nigeria with a touch of humor , sarcasm and redemption as it examines the daily experiences of women in an African context, delving into topics ranging from love, marriage, and childbirth, to witchcraft, prostitution and circumcision.

Authentic Mama



In the bubbly hilly town of Nimbe, Paulina Omoregbe popularly known as Iye baby a.k.a Authentic Mama is a local mistress who struggles with the daily running of her Love Your Neighbour Bar and Beer Parlour , keeping her lovers happy with her magic touch and her weakness for her newest  promiscuous sugar boy, the one eyed Valentine a.k.a Sweet Banana.

An illiterate, pidgin English speaking  upper class rustic and President of the Imose Sisters Association of Accomplished and Distinguished Ladies, she does her best to live a good and fair life as an active and tithe paying member of the Christian Women’s Fellowship group at the Church of Miracles and Wonders as she battles the wives of her lovers and her business arch rival, the educated albino popularly called Oyibo C.E.O of Don’t Mind Your Wife Bar and Beer Parlour.

This is a hilarious satire and x ray into the lives of local mistresses with bottom power and rustics, set in the fictitious city of Nimbe, a bubbly hilly small town of great drama, night life, public secrets and free punches. The day to day running of their businesses and daily life brings them in contact with interesting and annoying customers and hilarious activities, from angry wives, sugar mummies, scorned girlfriends, unfaithful husbands, sugar boys, church women and the local law enforcement.


Author interview with Ms Louisa Ibhaze

Patricia´s corner

Really proud to present Louisa´s debut novel to you all, she is someone I went to school with and I can´t wait to see what else she has in store for us. I love the braids by the way 🙂


What did you want to be when you grew up?-First my full name is Olunosen Louisa Ibhaze. As a child I wanted to be many things when I grew up, First a Doctor, then a lawyer, later and Astronaut and many other things.

What is your favorite genre and what drew you to it?-I read all sorts of books but these days I seem to be drifting towards Literary fiction. What draws me to a particular book is depth of the story and the ability to create memorable characters, I can easily relate to especially women.

 When did you start writing in a professional way?-Writing came…

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Christmas 2016 Black Book Gift Guide

Coffee Bookshelves

It’s been a tough year. We could all use a break. Gift wrap some joy and escapism for the people you love this Christmas. With 30 book suggestions to choose from, you’ll find there truly is a book for everybody.


1. The Perfect Find – Tia Williams

A forty-year-old woman with everything on the line – her high-stakes career, ticking biological clock, bank account – risks it all for a secret romance with a man half her age.

2. From Pasta to Pigfoot: Second Helpings – Frances Mensah Williams

Faye Bonsu has it all: a gorgeous boyfriend, a career as an interior designer and a mansion to call home. But with all her friends becoming mothers, a partner in no hurry to propose, tricky clients, and a very attractive and single boss, things are not quite as simple as they appear. She takes a trip to Ghana for some R&R…

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